This semi-real, semi-animated film tells the story of a teenage girl and her annoying brother who takes her secret diary. What happens when he reads it?

This film was created by Into Film, an organisation that uses film and media production to develop skills in young people in the UK. To watch more great films, have a look at their website:

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Do you have a sibling? Has either of you ever done something horrible to the other one?


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empty 8 July, 2019 - 08:50

I didn't get the story at first , but It's okay . And yes I've got a little sister . We never get along well...☺

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hadia 28 March, 2016 - 14:25

Aww! That's an amazing film..... I loved it :P
Well, I have a sis and two bros....
We have got an amazing relationship...
Me and my elder sis are really best friends...
My younger bro is the youngest of all of us three and plays with our other cousins...
My elder sis, my elder bro and me have a little age difference therefore we have a good bond of friendship :P

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iva10 1 November, 2015 - 21:35

yes i have got two siblings.One brother and one sister.My brother and i get along realy well even though he is just four,but my sister and i...That is a long story.We often fight about some silly stuff ,but besides that we also make jokes and she tries to make me laugh,which is almost impossible .

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Elsa007 5 September, 2015 - 22:06

For me, the story was a bit difficult to get it at first, but in the end, it's okay. I think sibling rivalry has been an old family feud. Actually my sister and I didn't get along with but nowadays we are good siblings, I hope so...! ツ

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