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Italian coffee culture

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Coffee is an integral part of Italian culture and since arriving here over six months ago, I have definitely drunk a lot of it!

Of course, coffee is also very popular in the UK but coffee culture in Italy is a completely different story. In Italy, when you order a coffee in a café or bar, you are presented with a tiny, bitter espresso. This is ‘normal coffee’ for Italians and they are not so keen on the huge coffees that we drink in the UK. In addition, whilst takeaway coffee is extremely popular amongst Brits, it is not very common at all in Italy, especially in non-touristy areas. Generally, Italians prefer to drink their tiny coffees whilst standing at the bar and, for many, this short break is an important part of their day.

Typically, breakfast in a bar in Italy involves a coffee and a pastry. I have been spoiled for choice with lovely cafés in the Italian town I’m living in. These cafés sell an array of mouth-watering pastries – either plain or decadently filled with cream, chocolate, jam or Nutella – as well as delicious coffee. Cappuccinos are very popular at breakfast time and, for me, a creamy cappuccino and a pastry full of Nutella is the perfect way to start the day. I think it’s a nice ritual to head to a bar to grab a coffee and a brioche for breakfast before work and it’s a luxury to take more time to indulge in such a breakfast at the weekend.

Finally, I have found that coffee in Italy is so much cheaper than coffee in the UK. Normally, an espresso or a macchiato (an espresso with a drop of milk) costs around a euro and a cappuccino about €1.50! They are small, of course, but this means that in Italy it is possible to go out for coffee regularly without breaking the bank.

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Do you drink coffee? Is Italian coffee culture similar to the coffee culture in your country?


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empty 18 June, 2019 - 08:06

Do you drink coffee? Yes , of course . I always start my day with a cup of coffee . But not strong coffee . I really wanna try Italian coffee . A cup of fresh Italian coffee !!

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Fariha's picture
Fariha 17 April, 2019 - 20:03

I am an all time coffee lover. I can't even think of life without it & cappuccino is my favourite among all. Till today I just wanted to visit Italy for their colorful building walls & floating market but I think now I have another reason which is COFFEE.

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dreamersdontsleep 18 August, 2018 - 14:29

Yes, I drink coffee and I love it. Also, I'm italian and I can say that the coffee culture is the same all around Italy. Cappuccino or caffè macchiato are the best drink you can have at breakfast in my opinion:)

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SLMT 2 May, 2018 - 21:08

Yes,Of course.I’m a coffee lover.I always start my day with a big cup of coffee. In my country,coffee is served with big cup like in British and there are different kinds of coffee.But most of them are not strong.Strong coffee is not popular in my country.I have heard that if you want to feel true coffee, try Italian coffee.That’s why I really want to try Italian coffee with pastry.Hummm....a cup of Italian coffee and fresh ,hot pastry will make my day perfect.

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