Honne are a British electronic-soul duo from Somerset in the UK. They have performed on the British Council's Selector music show. This song is called 'I Can Give You Heaven' and is taken from the EP 'Over Lover'.


Honne appeared on the British Council's Selector music show, which brings you the best new British music. To find out more about Honne, and to listen to more of their music, check out their website. Music and lyrics by James Hatcher and Andrew Clutterbuck, published by BMG.

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lifestar230 13 November, 2018 - 22:19

i really love the song! to help me calm down from A Student At My school builling me, so i hear it at home

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gianggiang 13 June, 2016 - 04:08

My emotions when listening to this song are abstract. This song may conjure up images of a falling blob of dew at dawn, a rain at twilight, Chompoo Panthip aromatic flowers cultivated in Lumpini and Chatujak park in Bangkok, romantic couples together ride bikes on anonymous streets in Nicaragoa, a prairie in Lesotho-lying beside South Africa. It's very weird when a love song made me think of immense and tiny nature. Maybe the man in the song, he missed her, saw her, stand by her but thousand miles away. He couldn't retain love as love is like a flower, he couldn't find the place to re-start lost love as love is like a circle of a bicycle ? He didn't linger to begin new love regardless of sorrow but love is like a prairie, so immense and he's just a tiny person who is trying in vain to run to reach horizon. ( You easily see the horizon but never can you touch it.). If I were the woman in that song, I would convey him a message: " When I decide to end up love, this means, nothing can hold this relationship back, so don't be sad, don't cry, don't be retrospective, maudlin songs, bitter feelings can't move me..."

I hope the man in the song can overcome this unhappiness, and maybe, some day, they bump into each other, they can greet with friends'eyes, together walk along the beautiful Chao Phraya river and admire the beauty of Chompoo flowers- hope that their new relationship will be longer than flowers. :)

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