Read texts with a UK focus. Learn about UK culture and practise your reading at the same time.

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Christmas in the UK is the biggest holiday of the year. Family gatherings, turkey, presents and parties are just some of the things that come to mind when we think about Christmas time.


There are so many ways to discover, buy and listen to music. What's the best way? Read more to find out about the exciting music culture in the UK!

Watch videos with a UK focus. Learn about UK culture and practise your listening at the same time.

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Have you read any Harry Potter books? What about 1984The Lord of the Rings or the Chronicles of Narnia? Richard visits a magical place to find out about contemporary British literature.


Would you like to start your own business when you're older? Joe meets young British entrepreneurs who are doing just that, and gets expert advice from Sir Richard Branson on how to make your business a success.

In this section you can watch animated videos of five of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. You can also read short stories and poems written by British authors.

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Cold Knap Lake is a poem by Gillian Clarke, a poet from Wales. The poem is based on a real memory from her childhood. 


Do you agree with the saying that a woman's work is never done? Levi Tafari does, and he wrote this poem to tell the world about his very special mum.

Watch short films created by young people in the UK and practise your listening at the same time.

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In this short film people share their experiences of bullying. Listen to their stories and discover why they think some people bully and how bullying has changed their lives.


‘The box’ is another way of saying ‘television’ or ‘TV’. In this short film, the TV is the main focus, in more ways than one! Watch it to find out more.

Read articles adapted from the British Council's science magazine, Cubed. Learn about the world of science and research in the UK and practise your English at the same time.

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Would you like to be able to make really amazing films at home? You may soon be able to. Read this article to find out about some interesting developments in home movie making. 


Do you find airport security slow and a bit annoying?! If so, maybe a 3D scanning machine will make going through security a lot quicker and easier in the future.

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