What is oversharing? Listen to some teenagers talk about it in this video.

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Do some people post too often and share too much personal information? What do you do to stay safe on social media?


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Pasta 31 May, 2020 - 20:54

Oversharing is a big problem in our modern life.Sometimes people especially teens are incautious in sharing and publishing . Even if you think , you have a private account , it doesn't mean your information will be there forever. I have my own experience, and I'm sorry to people , who were mentally damaged by bullying on social medias.Everyday I see how my classmates bully the wickest students, because of the photo they made 5 years ago.These people are disgusting!!!!Out digital footprint will be here forever, even this comment.

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Egor 13 May, 2020 - 10:44

I think that digital security is an important topic for every person who is going to or is already on the Internet. Especially children who put everything on the Internet, they first need to explain what can be done on the Internet and what is not needed. After all, anyone can look at the page of a child and understand what he is doing now or is going to.

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KemoF 12 April, 2020 - 14:48

"Oversharing by definition is sharing more than necessary details about one's personal life to an inappropriate audience. I believe that this is a habit, a habit that not only hurts someone's social image but has the potential to destroy the career and socio-economic status." I wonder how many guys are aware of this.

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