What do you know about climate change? This short webtoon was created by Edd Gould in collaboration with environmental organisation TVE (Television for the Environment). The aim was to raise awareness about climate change. 


If you have a story to tell about climate change, visit the biomovies competition website and see how you can enter a film.

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Do you turn off electrical devices? What do you do to save energy? What do you think about climate change? 


CherryBlossomEnglish's picture
CherryBlossomEnglish 4 March, 2018 - 14:33

So, time to say smth about the video. I turn off all electrical devices when I don't need them, except the mobile charger because I need it every minute. I know a lot about climate changes. And it was our fault that animals on arctic can't live normally because of global warming. People have created a lot of youth groups and councils, to help the animals survive. Now, there are more extinct species: polar bears. More and more animals die because their changed climate is not eligible for their life.

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