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Do you think teenagers are as stressed as adults where you live?


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Youjiro 29 January, 2019 - 11:42

I don't think teenagers are as stressed as adults . because some teenagers go out every day . They just play around the place where people gather to enjoy. I just spend money and time .

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hanifin 7 June, 2017 - 19:19

I think teenagers are as stressed as adults because of many reasons related mainly to school, friends and family.
In fact, doing well at school involves a lot of pressure, because they have to complete school work, projects and reports and study hard for exams.
Then, there is also the stress of having a social life and being accepted by their peers in popular groups in addition to the physical stress which result from some emotional and physical changes which can leave adolescent confused and stressed.
finally, we can mention also the stress that comes from family problems and sibling rivalry.
To sum up, we can say that a lot of reasons can led teenagers to stress, which can provoke violent reactions, depression and health problems.

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khan6569 15 May, 2017 - 20:03

Is there be needed any conclusion for task1(e.g. bar chart,line graph,pie chart or table).is it mandatory to put down in conclusion. like as To sum up, In conclusion and to conclude.one thing is very important for knowing about task1 that how many para is required for writing these reports.Thanks in advance.

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JoEditor 16 May, 2017 - 16:25

Hi khan6569,
In all types of writing exams it's really important to read the question really carefully and do exactly what you are asked to do. I think it's usually going to be a good idea to have a paragraph at the end that brings together your thoughts from the text you've written. If you're studying for a specific type of exam then it's a good idea to look at as many examples as you can. Most exam boards will provide sample texts for students who are preparing for the exam. 
I hope this helps. Good luck with your studies! 
Best wishes, Jo (LearnEnglish Teens Team) 

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monashining 24 November, 2016 - 16:16

Could I have a question? What "Over a third of teenagers reported feeling nervous and tired" means?
This mean teenagers reported feeling nervous and tired all over 30% ?

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Jo - Coordinator 25 November, 2016 - 09:13

Hi monashining! Yes. 'Over a third' means more than 33%. So maybe 35% of teenagers said they felt nervous and tired. Does that make sense? Best wishes, Joanna (LearnEnglish Teens team)

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Emmobe 23 September, 2016 - 08:25

Right now I think that teenagers are more stressed. because it´s so much higher extensions. But I also think it can variety.

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Jonathan - Coor... 16 October, 2016 - 13:26

Hi Emmobe. It's great that you came back and made the corrections. Good work! You should also use vary (v.) instead of variety (n.) here. :)
Jonathan (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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Elsa007 7 June, 2016 - 14:10

I think adults feel more stressed than teenagers.
Teenagers are in a way protected by their parents (usually) and adults around them (teachers and seniors). But the more people get old, the more they have responsibilities in a society they belong to.
I want to be a good adult! ✨

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Elsa007 7 June, 2016 - 14:24

Hi Doughnut
How're you?
Do you have a good friend to talk with frankly?
Maybe you might want to take your frustration out on your trustful friend or get in your fear!✨

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