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Do we rely too much on electricity?

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Last week the electricity in my flat went out. I had just got home from work and was happily making my tea, when all of a sudden I was surrounded by complete darkness. The lights had gone out, the oven had stopped working and my phone was no longer charging. My flatmates and I tried to fix it but we soon realised that we couldn’t. We would have to wait for an electrician to come in the morning. This left me a whole night without any electricity. After messaging my friends and family to say that I wouldn’t be able to message tonight because I couldn’t charge my phone, I sat down to eat my half-cooked dinner. And then I wasn’t really sure what to do. My typical evening is spent watching the TV and scrolling through social media. Tonight this wasn’t possible. Due to the lack of lights I couldn’t even read a book. We weren’t prepared with candles and matches. We’re just so reliant on electricity, and expectant that it will work.

So for me it was an early night. And I couldn’t help but think, do we rely too much on electricity? That night, losing our electricity felt like losing a basic necessity. As basic as running water. But really, electricity is a luxury that we’ve grown to take for granted. I use electricity all the time, even when it’s not really necessary. I use it to put the TV on in the background even when I’m not really watching it. I use it to check my phone when I have to wait for even just a minute, for example when waiting for friends. And as I’m writing this, I have my lights on, even in the middle of the day when I don’t really need them.

Our over-use of electricity is a big problem. It contributes to global warming, which is something that we really should be worried about. It is harming our environment and we need to do what we can to stop it. Not only that, but if we continue to use the same large amount of energy we will soon run out.

How would we survive in a world without electricity? Our daily lives revolve around it. We wouldn’t be able to function. Yet we know that, one day, we will run out. So, shouldn’t we start preparing for it now? Cutting back on our use of electricity would make losing it easier, and also save energy resources so that they could last for longer. I know for sure that I could cut down on my use of electricity. And if everyone does the same, we can make a big difference.


Do you think that you rely too much on electricity? What could you do to cut down on your use of electricity?


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olhapoliarush 31 January, 2017 - 18:03

I think we rely on electricity so much so as possible. All necessary for living things require electricity. As for me, I watch TV often, but not just for fun. I follow the news. I'm curious to find out what's new in the world. Also I use a laptop for learning every day.
I do not think we can save this. Because people use electricity for their needs. There are common and individual needs. Everyone decides for itself how to use of electricity.

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Karoline 31 January, 2017 - 17:49

We DO rely too much on electricity. If there is a blackout, modern society feels like apocalypse comes. The panic sets in and we don't know how to react and how to act in such a kind of situations.
To tell you the truth, I couln't even imagine how the older generation lived without simple lightbulb
under the ceiling. But it is only a bulb, which provides us with a lightened room in your flat. What about supermarket? Nowadays most of them are provided with system of electronic payment, which is nothing without electricity, so you are not able to use your credit card. It is better to look for another shop and cash in your pockets.
It is a real problem to cut down on use of elecricity for me. Well, if it is going about reading a book, I turn on the light. If I use an eBook, I have to charge my phone beforehand. It does requires the energy. More difficult processes are impossible without supply of electricity.

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oksana_stadniuk 31 January, 2017 - 17:34

Of course, electricity plays a very big role in our life. I agree that wa can't imagine our exist without it. In my point of view, we should try to learn how to live without electricity. I think it will be very useful and interesting experience. We can try not to use eletricity for example one day in a week. At first it won't be easy, but I think we get used after a while. As for me, I try cut down on my use of electricity and do not use it when it is not required. At home my parents do the same. Our family always ready that electricity can went on ans that's why we have enough candles and matches. But if every person think at least for a minute how useful and good for our environment to cut down on electricity and immediately starts to do this, I'm sure it will change a lot. I hope that everyone will think about it's important question.

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olyasemenuk 31 January, 2017 - 17:23

As for me , the electricity is very important thing for us. Our daily lives really revolve around it. As it was written , we need to use the electricity for charging our mobile phones . For example I can not imagine my day without using my phone. Because every day I communicate with my friends and family. All people need the electricity for their own needs . And these needs are different. And I think, that's a small part of people are ready to refuse to use the electricity for these needs.
So , I think that it will be difficult to cut down on our using of electricity.

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persha_julia 31 January, 2017 - 16:30

Yes,our over-use of electricity is a big problem. But,as for me,I can`t imagine my life without electricity. I think that I could NOT cut down on my use of electricity, because every day the need for it is increasing.

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Nadin777 31 January, 2017 - 15:01

I'm totally agree with the article. I think that this problem is very popular nowadays. We rely so much on electricity. We are surrounded by huge electricity flows. Electricity has entered in all the fields of human's activity and unfortunately people have forgotten what the word "saving" means. We waste a lot of electric power on silly things such as computers, phones. We turn on the lights in the room and go away to another room for even an hour. I don't want to say that modern technologies ruin our life and take a lot of electric energy. No! BUT we must use all of these delights of scientific progress RATIONALLY. Otherwise, we will face with global warming and nature cataclysms without understanding what has happened.

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irahulchak 31 January, 2017 - 14:44

Unfortunately, nowadays the whole humanity are rely too much on electricity. We can't imagine our lives without phones, TV sets, electric kitchen utensils etc. And even if someone wants to try to cut down on his or her use of electricity, our modern would doesn't allow to do it. The point is that everything, even the most necessary things for people's lives require electricity. Modern inventors are constantly inventing electrical devices. And even if some people, who live in the countryside or somewhere in the mountains can live without using too much electricity, it will be impossible in the nearest future.
As for me, I even don't know what I can do to cut down my use of electricity, as I need to be in touch with my relatives all the time, my laptop with WiFi is necessary for my homework. It's a pity, but even some vital things, such as heat and food require using electricity all the time.

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Eingyin 11 January, 2017 - 02:15

Being globalization,the development of technology can be influential over human beings in addition to their environment.Meanwhile,all the new inventions are obviously interconnected with electricity ,main resource of manufacture.Otherwise,the more modernized electrical gadgets we invent ,the more we rely on electricity.It's obvious.Even for me ,I rely on it in my daily routines.But we couldn't cut down the use of electricity out of the blue moon.As a matter of fact,we need to take time, either reduce our rate of use or break down the reliant on electricity completely so as to substain the natural environment from global warming and severe disasters caused by over-exploited natural resources

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hadia 10 January, 2017 - 14:54

Yep. We do rely much on electricity.
But I guess it's a blessing in disguise. As we are becoming more reliant on it. It's making us lose our manpower. We are slaves of electronic world. We should stop being too reliant on it.
I like how you mentioned all the major things in your article. Loved it ;))
In the coming days I'm going to have an English Speech Competition on the topic:
"Internet and Mobile Phones make children neglect their duties."
I want to win it. :))
BTW, the topic is so true. We are really addicted to technology. :)

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