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Flying visits

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Sometimes a flying visit from a loved one is all you need to realise how settled you are in a place. And this weekend I was delighted to show my parents around Seville, as they came for a short but sweet visit. I took them to the cathedral, out for tapas and to see a mandatory flamenco show. Although the weather wasn't the best, due to it heavily raining the first day they were here, we still made the best of our time together.

Solely being reunited with the people you love in the new place you live brings such excitement. Excitement to show them around the new city that makes you happy. For example, as Seville is known for flamenco, I took them to a famous, authentic and personal spectacle that was recommended to me and we were left in utter awe. This made me feel great for experiencing such a great show with them. Furthermore, getting to show your visitors places you have discovered is a pleasing feeling, because you are eager for them to now know where you love to spend your time. You are letting them in on your new life and feel thrilled that you have the opportunity to show your loved ones the new places that you have fallen in love with.

So, after a two-day trip, I am very pleased to have had the time to explore the new city I live in with my parents. I am already looking forward to their next visit (hopefully then it will be sunny!) to show them more of what Seville has to offer and what I am still yet to discover.


Have you shown friends or family around the place where you live? What places in your town or city would you take them to?


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Sergelen 30 May, 2017 - 09:30

I have not shown friends or family around the place where I live cause of my relatives or friends live nearly with me. However this context was really interesting for me, thanks.

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hadia 5 December, 2016 - 14:21

Wow! You must had much fun. Really, having the presence of your loved ones near you is the greatest blessing. Nops! I've never got a chance to show them around. Cuz I live with my family.

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GraceBlogger 7 December, 2016 - 09:33

Yes, we did, Hadia. Being in the presence of your loved ones really is the greatest blessing! You would say "you must have had a lot of fun", by the way :) 

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hadia 7 December, 2016 - 14:31

Hi Grace!
I agree. Being with your family makes you really happy.
..... Yep! I knew. Thanks, by the way. I knew my mistake but couldn't correct it as it was already posted. I read it again after saving it. :)))))))))))))))
Thanks for correcting me.

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