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Becoming a minimalist

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I have too much stuff. My bedroom is often very messy. I have shelves cluttered with dusty books I never read and CDs I don’t listen to. My drawers are crammed with clothes I never wear. I was getting frustrated that I never had any space in my bedroom. Then I read about minimalism. Minimalism is a style of living where you only keep the most important items and you get rid of everything else. After reading about minimalism I felt encouraged to tackle my problem.

Minimalism recommends that you only keep the bare essentials for living, so I started clearing out a lot of the things which I didn’t use. I collected bags of clothes to give to charity. I was able to sell some of my CDs and books online. Although I knew that I would never need these things again, I still found it very difficult to get rid of my stuff. My brain tried to stop me from letting go. I said to myself 'I might need that in the future!' or 'won’t I be sad if I get rid of that?' But the thing is, I know I couldn’t keep everything.

After a while of clearing through cupboards, drawers and shelves, it actually became quite exciting to get things out of my room and create some fresh space. Since I stared de-cluttering my bedroom, I’m no longer tripping over things on the floor. I also feel a bit better, too. They say that a clear, organised bedroom means you will have a clear and organised mind! The main idea behind minimalism is to reduce what you own, and by doing this you can really appreciate the things you have. It’s not easy living this lifestyle. We are often told that it is better to have more things. Advertisements try to convince us that we will only be happy by spending more money to buy more stuff. Of course, I’m not a perfect minimalist – I’ve only just started. I still own a lot of things which I don’t really need, but I think this was a positive start to owning less stuff. In the future, I will be more conscious of what I buy. And I will continue to make an effort to get rid of what I don’t need.


Do you think you own too much stuff? 


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Forever_in__dream 13 June, 2016 - 14:06

Yes, I think so.. It's very sad but I can't deal with it. Many things remind me about something, as souvenirs, notes, old copybooks , student books I needn't now, clothes and so on.. But all this stuff is annoying, so I started to get rid of unnecessary things. I began with my old children toys, and my parents were trying to stop me! I don't understand why I should keep them in my room if I'm not a child now! I like minimalism because it's beautiful, looks very neat and modern, especially if all things combine with each other. In the future I'd like to renovate my room this way.

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Elsa007 23 August, 2015 - 03:09

Having heard others' opinions….. I feel I, a minimalist, look like a cold fish who could throw away even souvenirs instantly! But that's not true…! I just like sorting things out around me by rearranging priorities for me at the moment. And what makes me be in two minds is about the clothes which are out of fashion but may be in fashion again in the future!
While what I enjoy is the moment when I think about each stuff piece by piece making up my mind if it should be kept at hand now or sent it to a storage for a while!! …Ooooh, life full of choices! ツ

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cklj 22 August, 2015 - 19:55

I do think that I own too much stuff. I used to say that I don't have anything to wear until I went on a trip this May. I took a lot of clothes that I didn't wear there so it made me realize that I really don't need new clothes: I just want to be trendy.
Also I have a big shelf filled with books in my bedroom. I have bought most of the books from my money that I have been saving. I have read those books and now there they are, on the bookshelf covered in dust. But, there's no way I'm ever getting rid of them. I can't give away my books.

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SemaSou 20 August, 2015 - 10:42

It's a common thing to have things you don't need tucked in your bedroom but I m the kind of person who pays too much attention to souvenirs even the ones that seem unworthy for some people since it reflects some memory for me I just can't get rid o it. I even keep packages of special food I have ate with my friends or sheets of papers where we have written something special but I m always trying to arrange them in a special manner so that they don't make a mess out of my bedroom and to make them reachable anytime I feel the need to dwell on memories . so right as an answer for your question I think i do own so much stuff ...

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Elsa007 24 July, 2015 - 11:05

Oh, looks like I'm a perfect minimalist! :)I just don't like find myself in a messy place…!
I'm not quite sure though if I have a clear and organized mind like my room!! :)

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IloveallinConan 20 July, 2015 - 00:35

yes, sometimes I owned too many things but I would soon clean up everything.

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