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How to decorate your room on a budget

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When I moved into my new flat I hated the boring white walls. I wanted to make my bedroom more personal. However, I did not have much money so I found some cheap DIY ways to brighten up my room.

1. Photos – Print out your favourite photos of your friends, family and holidays. You could make a collage out of your photos and create fun shapes on your wall. Another great way to display photos is to hang them on some string with pegs so you have a ‘washing line’ of photos.

2. Postcards – Ask your friends to send you funny or pretty postcards. Not only is this a fun way to stay in touch but it is also a free way to customise a plain wall.

3. Calendars - If you have any old calendars from last year, you could cut out the pictures and use them as posters. You could even frame the calendar pictures so it looks professional.

4. Origami – This is a great way to recycle old magazines or coloured paper. There are so many tutorials online to make your own Origami decorations. I made lots of paper birds and hung them from the ceiling with string.

5. Nature – You can find lots of amazing materials outside. I went to the beach and collected shells to decorate my window sill. You could also paint some leaves and press them onto paper to make interesting wall art.

6. Charity shops – There are so many great bargains in charity shops such as cushions, blankets and rugs to make your room homely in no time.

As you can see, customising your room does not have to be expensive and you can have fun designing your own bedroom.

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How have you decorated your bedroom? Do you have any decorating tips?


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aleksa2002 14 February, 2016 - 21:38

This thing could help,but if someone is not precise with cutting things he/she could make room more messy and ugly than before,and if he/she is messy he/she could destroy everything and so on.Better way is to save part of pocket money and decorate their room :-D

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Silvermist 19 April, 2015 - 17:30

I have many, Elizabeth Bennet, Tariq, Hassan, Hermoine Granger, Luke castellaten, Athena, Four and many others......

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Silvermist 2 April, 2015 - 15:25

Not really, because you see, I have restrictions.................but I dream many ways of decorating my bedroom.....writing the names of my favourite fictional characters in graffiti or in simple calligraphy or hanging their posters and decorating my room with handmade glass crystals.

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