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The secret life of a Kindle reader

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Bethan Morgan

For those of you who do not know what a Kindle is, it is a product from Amazon which allows you to download books and read them anywhere, at home, at work, on a journey, without having to carry around lots of heavy hardbacks. It is also really useful when you go on holiday if, like me, you read a lot and quickly.

I bought my Kindle two years ago after seeing my mum and my sister with one. Before, I didn't want one, as I love to read books, and I love the satisfaction that comes from reading a book from cover to cover. However, after using my sister’s one day I fell in love with it. It is so easy to download any book you can imagine from the website – one minute you see the book on your computer, the next it is in your hands. And you can read such a wide range of texts – from classic books such as Pride and Prejudice and works by Shakespeare, to modern, comedy books or autobiographies. I even have recipe books on mine.

Another thing I love about the Kindle is the privacy. You can read absolutely anything on there and no one will know! For example, if you wanted to read a book which might be advertised as a book for men, or even a children’s book, you could secretly read it and everyone will believe you are reading a deeply intellectual novel! You can even download the latest editions of newspapers and magazines, so you can catch up on your favourite bands, celebrities or current affairs.
Reading a Kindle gives you a chance to escape the real world. Yes, you can also do this with normal books, but the secrecy and excitement of downloading a new book onto your device adds to the magic.

This doesn't mean that I have given up completely on reading physical books – I still love going into old bookshops and finding a well-known novel for £1, or borrowing old cricket books from my grandfather’s library. There is a worry that with all this new technology there will no longer be a place for actual books, which would be a crying shame.
So, I definitely recommend getting yourselves a Kindle, but please, don’t forget about real books too!


Do you have a Kindle? If not, would you like one?