It’s Monday and Sam and Jack are looking back at the weekend.


Listen to the radio interview about the Pomodoro Technique and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills.


Are you a super-organised student? How do you make sure you get your homework in on time? Read the blog post and tips to see if you agree with them.


Have you ever heard about International Women's Day? Why do we need a day to celebrate just half the inhabitants of our planet? Find out about this special day by reading the text below. 


Listen to the teacher giving students advice for exams and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills. 


Have you got the skills you need for the 21st-century workplace? Read about what employers are looking for and test yourself to see if you are prepared!


Can you write a caption for this photo? 


Can you always find what you want to find on the internet? These eight easy-to-remember tips will help you to become a safe and smart searcher!


This song was created by members of GMCBeats rap workshops and Webwise Ireland to celebrate Safer Internet Day. Online safety is really important for everyone who uses the internet so listen to the song and do the exercises to make sure you stay safe online.