You get more marks for using a good range of vocabulary. This means you should not repeat the same words lots of times but you should have a variety of words in your writing task. 

  • Don’t always repeat the same words. Use synonyms or antonyms.

  • Use adverbs and adjectives to make your writing more interesting.

  • Think about the style of what you are writing and how formal or informal it is. Choose your vocabulary carefully depending on who the reader is.

Have a look at this text which uses a lot of descriptive language. Look at this blog post to see how to use informal language or this film review to focus on the vocabulary needed for writing reviews. 

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Do you think about using a good variety of words in writing exams? 


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mossan 30 September, 2016 - 09:08

Yes, well I atleast I try. Sometimes for me it is very hard to come up with a synonym because I get so hooked on the word that I am writing.

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